9/11 heartbreaker


A chance encounter leads a young woman to examine her generation’s memories of 9/11.

“Author Craig Staufenberg has created an amazing little graphic novel that is touching and compelling and not at all what I expected.”
-Nolan B. Canova, Crazed Fanboy 

“What could have been exploitative or overtly cheesy and sentimental instead comes off as personal. This are memories and views that aren’t forced upon the reader. The rough art ads to that personal touch. This really feels like an illustrated journal entry. The writer has something to say, and needed to get it off his chest.”
Bret Schenker, Graphic Policy 

“Staufenberg, who began the book as a means of exploring our generation’s memories and feelings about September 11, has created one of the most poignant and thought-provoking reactions to the events of that day that I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in any form of media.”
-Marc, With Great Power 

“By the end, the philosophical introspection and haunting feel of the 911 heartbreaker give this tale a very unique feel. I’m really glad I spent some time with this heartbreaker.”
-Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

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